Meet Tilly And Charlie


Woof Woof !

We would like to introduce ourselves to you if we may..............

The black and white dog in the images is my best friend Tilly the Shitzu and the tan and white dog in the images is me Charlie the King Charles Spaniel and the other one is of us in the garden at Dougal's Cottage in February

We are the greatest of friends and love going to Pendeen for our holidays

Tilly and I go for long walks with our owner Amanda along the coastal path in Pendeen and have great fun playing in the sand on the beaches in the village

Quite often we go to Trengwainton Gardens which is close by for an afternoon walk . We love it here in the large grounds sniffing the grass while Amanda marvels at all the flora and fauna . We often go to the Tea Room after our walk and bag a table outside in the old walled garden ,Amanda buys us a handmade dog biscuit in the shape of a bone which we have to share unfortunately as we would really like one each - it tastes more like a cheese scone and we can't get enough of it!

Meanwhile Amanda indulges in a pot of tea and a delicious piece of homemade cake of some sort or sometimes a bowl of homemade soup and a chunk of crusty bread.

If we are good she will give us some of her bread too!

We can go to lots of places down here as so many places are ' dog friendly' which we are very happy about so there is never a dull moment here for us canines

I'm getting on a bit now and will be 14 years old next year but Tilly keeps me young at heart and on my toes ( sorry should read paws!) as she is only 6 years old

I very much enjoy pottering around the garden at Dougal's Cottage where I can sniff for Britain and meander around at my own pace without having to walk on a lead !

Tilly and I hope all you four legged friends out there will love your stay at the cottage as much as we do - just one thing our owner Amanda does have a few doggy rules so please ask your owner to read the Dog page to make sure we suit your routine

I'm off to my basket now for a snooze so it's goodbye from Tilly and me

PS....... The images of us are not taken in the garden of Dougal's Cottage

Charlie xx

Meet Tilly And Charlie
Meet Tilly And Charlie
Meet Tilly And Charlie